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1.Light weight and compact
Engine and pump castings are made of anti corrosive aluminum-alloy to reduce weight and prolong
working life.
2.Maximum reliability
VF53AS is powered by TOHATSU’s original developed 4 stroke 3 cylinder engine which has achieved
lower emission and maximum fuel economy for environment protection. The technology which has
proved itself in TOHATSU’s state-of-the-art outboard engines ensures maximum reliability for any fire
fighting scenes in all seasonal condition.
3.Quick priming
Quick priming is provided by simple operating Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump. The pump primes 3 meters
in only 3 seconds.
4.Low emission
CO emission is lowered by 43%*. HC and NOx lowered by 90%*.
5.Low noise and less vibration
Low noise (Reduced by 9dB*) and less vibration does not interfere with speech communication during
*Numerical data are comparison with our two stroke models operating at 0.4MPa.
6.Excellent fuel economy
Electrically controlled fuel injection helps optimum fuel supply depending on engine speed,
maximising lower fuel consumption.
7.Engine overheat protection sensor
Engine overheat protection device is provided to safeguard against cooling water loss, and to protect
engine in the operation with discharge valve closed. This device automatically shuts off engine when
engine temperature reaches 80℃.
8.Electrically controlled fuel injection
Electrically controlled fuel injection secures reliable engine starting under any weather condition even
in the event of low battery power.
9.Auto priming system
Rotary vane vacuum pump is automatically activated after engine starts, and cut off once priming is completed.
10.Double swivel outlets rotating with in a 90 degree.



Model: VF53AS
Engine: Type: Tohatsu 4-stroke, 3-cylinder, water cooled gasoline engine
Bore & Stroke: 61mm x 60mm (2.4 x 2.36 inch)
Piston displacement: 526cc (32.1 cu in)
Authorized output: 22kW / 30PS
Fuel tank: 10 liters (2.64 gal)
Fuel consumption: 9.5 liters/hr (2.51 gal / hr)
Ignition: Flywheel magneto (Digital C.D.Ignition)
Starting system: Starter motor and automatic recoil system
Lubrication: Wet sump
Engine oil: API rating of SF, SG, SH or SJ. SAE 10W30/40
Engine oil tank capacity: 2 liter (when oil filter is replaced)
Spark plug: NGK DCPR6E
Floodlight projector: 12V55W
Battery: 12V-16Ah/ 5h
Pump: Type: Single suction, single stage, high pressure turbine pump
Discharge Thread and Dia. : JIS fire thread (B-9912) 2-1/2″ (65mm) male
BSP 65mm (G2-1/2″) male
Suction Thread and Dia. : JIS fire thread (B-9912) 3″ (75mm) male
BSP 100mm (G4″) male
Priming: Rotary-vane vacuum pump (Oilless type)
Pump performance:
(Suction height: 3m)
1200 liter/min. at 0.6MPa
950 liter/min. at 0.8MPa
700 liter/min. at 1.0MPa
Dimensions: Length 690mm x Width 790mm x Height 740mm
Mass: Dry: 101kg
Wet: 111kg
Max. suction height: Approx. 9m (29.5 feet)